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This site has information for members about team and club events. Visit your team page for more information or see the other pages for information about additional club activities.

Rowing teams and programs

Women's Competitive Team womens-competitive-team
Men's Competitive Team open-mens-team
Cherry Team cherry-team
Independent rowers independent-rowers

Check out the U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Rules

Pike Island Challenge: pike-island-challenge

Phalen Sculling Center phalen-sculling-center

Boat repair and prep workshops boat-workshops - help get the boats ready for 2015!

Check out the Annual Safety Presentation

For Information on the Mississippi River Boat Ballet, Click Here

Programs, Coaching and Safety Committee programs-coaching-safety
Membership and Communications Committee membership-communications
Equipment Committee equipment
Building, Landscaping, and Grounds Committee building-landscaping
Finance, Fundraising, and Development Committee finance-fundraising-development

Learn to Row learn-to-row
Irish Fair irish-fair
MBC Gala MBC Gala

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