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Rowing Restrictions
Due to high water, current, and excessive debris the following rowing restrictions are in place until further notice:

  • No rowing before dawn or after dusk without a safety launch within 150 yards
  • No masters or novice rowing without a safety launch within 150 yards
  • No club shells without a second shell within 50 yards

In addition the following shells may only be rowed with express permission from the captain or director:

  • All red shells (Tom K 2x, Sydney 4x, Red 4x, Dick K. 8+)
  • Top Notch 4+
  • Raven 2x

NOTE: the restrictions have been lifted for use of club Singles and Doubles - now only subject to the above.

RAMP REMOVAL - will need approximately 20 people for 15 minutes to remove the large ramp - more details to follow. The small ramp and docks will remain in for several weeks additional weeks (depending on weather & river height).

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