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How to add your name:

To add your name to a time slot click the 'edit' button on the TOP or BOTTOM of this page. Then scroll down to the time slot and add a new line with a * at the beginning. After adding your name make sure you click the "Save page" button at the bottom of the screen.

The wiki is closed the day of practice at 3:00 pm for evening practice and 6:00 am for Saturday practice. If you have questions or concerns email me at moc.oohay|22namywam#moc.oohay|22namywam. If it is after the wiki is closed and you need to cancel or want to add please call or text Melissa at 952-270-8365

Thanks for a great year everyone!!

Put on your calendars:

Thursday, November 28: Turkey Trot

Saturday, December 7: MBC Gala

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