Master's Competitive Team

To add your name to a practice, click the "edit" button on the bottom of this page. Then scroll down to the practice date and enter an asterisk (*) and then type your name. After adding your name make sure you click the "Save" button at the bottom of the screen.

Sign up below before each Sunday at 9pm for the ENTIRE WEEK. Any late additions or subtractions should be emailed/texted/or left on the coach's voicemail.

Coach's Contact:

MONDAY APRIL 11th (5:30am)

TUESDAY APRIL 12th (5:30am)

WEDNESDAY APRIL 13th (5:30am)

THURSDAY APRIL 14th (5:30am)

FRIDAY APRIL 15th (5:30am)

SATURDAY APRIL 16th (7:00am)

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