Erg Room Cleanup

Please sign up to clean the erg room if you haven't done it yet. Each person only has to do it once for the year.

Sweep or vacum the floor
Mop the floor (mop and bucket are in the janitors closet in the mens locker room. Key is hanging in the erg room)
Clean the mirrors
wipe down the rails of the ergs
rack weights
general straightening things up

Week of Febuary 7-13
Sarah Risser - Does anyone want to join me? I'll do it-Jaymie

Week of Febuary 21-27
Kim and Linnea

Week of March 6-12
John and Millie

Week of March 20-26
Alanna & Diane

Week of April 3-9
Eric & Heidi

Week of April 17-23

Week of May 1-7
Mark A

Week of May 15-21

Week of May 29-June 4

Week of June 12-18

Week of June 26-July 2
Karl E

Week of July 10-16

Week of July 24-30
Karl (sorry I forgot I was going to be out of town last week)

Week of Aug 7-13
Karl completed clean-up

Week of Aug 21-27

Week of September 12: Barbara

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