Masters & Novice Team

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Sign up below before each Sunday at 12pm for the ENTIRE WEEK. Any subtractions should be posted and emailed to the coach
Keegan Miller will be coaching the combined group of Masters and Novices for the winter season.

Monday, Dec 4th 6pm
Anna T
Katie B

Wednesday, Dec 6th 6pm
Katie B
Anna T

Mississippi River Water Levels at St. Paul

Other contact info:
MBC boathouse phone number: 651.228.1602
MBC Captain: Bruce Kessel <gro.bulctaobatosennim|niatpac#gro.bulctaobatosennim|niatpac>
Online Membership Registrations and Waivers: Charlie Stockwell <gro.bulctaobatosennim|pihsrebmem#gro.bulctaobatosennim|pihsrebmem>
Director: Betsy Bagley <gro.bulctaobatosennim|rotcerid#gro.bulctaobatosennim|rotcerid>
Coach Keegan: gro.bulctaobatosennim|hcaoc#gro.bulctaobatosennim|hcaoc

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