MBC Gala 2018

The 33rd edition of the Annual MBC Gala will be held in December 2018!!

Below is the information from 2017. Please check back for 2018 updates.

**Click Here For Donation Letter from 2017 **

Gala Committee,
Welcome! My name is Jacque Hamilton and I am this year's Gala Chair. I would like to invite all MBC members (and parents) to be apart of this years Gala. We already have a jump start on the Gala and this year's theme is "Watergate". Obviously this is two sided as the theme plays on the Watergate DC scandal but it also is the location of our future upstream facility at Watergate Marina. Please join me as we start on the largest fundraiser of the year! Please add your name below and look for updates on when we will meat for a kick off meeting.

Kick off meeting - Tuesday September 12th, 7:30 at Bad Weather Brewing
Thank you to all that attended. We are currently accepting items and looking for volunteers. Please contact Jacque or Dan with any questions.

Gala Committee

  • Jacque Hamilton (Chair) (email: gro.bulctaobatosennim|tnediserpeciv#gro.bulctaobatosennim|tnediserpeciv, Phone: 651-300-7833)
  • Dan Bakke (Vice Chair) (email: moc.liamg|1ekkabnad#moc.liamg|1ekkabnad)
  • Paul Olson (Invitations)
  • Mary Olson (Invitations)
  • Charlie Stockwell (Donations/addresses)
  • Susan Tietjen (volunteer coordinator)
  • Kurt Hellerstedt (Donations/addresses)
  • Elisabeth Bagley (Entertainment)
  • Charlene McEvoy (Entertainment)
  • Ross Wise (Men's team rep)

Add your donated items!! Scroll down to the list below!

Volunteer Sign up for Gala Weekend

Gala set up

- This is to help with setting up auction items before the Gala starts. Set up time will start around 8:30am the morning of the Gala. We hope to be all done by 1pm.
1. Susan Tietjen
2. Barbara Greene
3. Kathy Price
4. Renee Quam
5. Ixchel McKinnie
6. Jacque Hamilton

Check in

- This is checking in guests during the gala. Two shifts of two people
1 & 2: Pexa & Mrs. Pexa (first shift please) (YOU BET!!!) Start at 5:30pm
3. Amy Baumhoefner - Start at 7pm
4. Kathy Price - Start at 7pm

Item check out

- This is for helping people receive and paying for their items. Junior Parents are leading this effort.
Charlie Stockwell will be guiding you. He will be at the club all day to answer any questions you may have.
Thank you!!
1. Kathy Holmstadt
2. Kellee Wren
3. Jodie Mattern
4. Kim DeRoche
5. Steve DeRoche
6. Katya Reimann

Clean up

- This is for the night of or the next morning to help pick up after the party.
1. Tim Wong (day after)
2. Betsy Bagley (day after)
3. Koko Wright (day after)
4. Dan and Kurt (day after)

Donation Items

If you want to add a donation item please add it here. Include your Name, Item, Estimated Value, Contact Info below.

  • Mike Pexa, 1 lb.Wisconsin Wild Flower Honey, Est. value $10, moc.oohay|axep_m#moc.oohay|axep_m
  • Jacque Hamilton, MBC quilted banner, Est. Value $300
  • Mary & Paul Olson, OGIO Excelsior Backpack (Value $50), Sherpa Throw w/Bear (Value $40), Everlast Resistance Training Kit w/weighted Jump Rope (Value $60), Hunter's Kit with Copper Vacuum Bottle, Blaze/Camo Cap and duffel bag (Value $35), Everest Hand Made Wool Flap Cap (Youth Size) Made in Nepal (Value $35)
  • Keith Colbourn, Row Bike, currently stored at Lynn Randazzo’s house
  • Tim Wong, C2 sweep oar TLC package (8 grips, 8 collars, 8 clams), $120 value - winner donates to MBC
  • Tim Wong, Trailer loading TLC package (4 nut drivers, 50 washers, 50 nuts), $70 value - winner donates to MBC
  • Craig Dodson, private coaching lesson, hour-and-a-half
  • Ixchel McKinnie, package of 6 CD’s and books from Lisa Loeb, custom glasses frames and autographed posters from lisa Loeb - donated by Lisa Loeb
  • Hans Slade, design work of some kind, anyone have good ideas on design work that would be salable at a silent auction?
  • Sarah Risser, a set of gently used Concept 2 Slides. These retail for $290.00. Someone please contact me as to whether I should bring the slides (bulky!) or a photo to the event 612-963-8604
  • MBC Board, a wine basket complete with wine glasses and wine rack. $TBD
  • Christine Smeby, In home dog sitting
  • Concept 2 Model D 2yrs old approximately 120K meters rowed donated by St. Paul Pet Hospital's Dr. Melinda Lecheler (collected by Ixchel)
  • Alan and Sally Ruvelson, Cat Stax puzzles, $10. The Book of Classic Board Games, $20.
  • Mr. Michael Recycles Bicycles, gift certificate, $40.
  • Sun Ray bowling package incls 1hr bowling, upto 6 pairs of shoe rental, one single pizza, and one pitcher of soda (donated by SunRay) plus $40 gift card for adult beverages, more bowling etc. Total value $105 (gift card/collected by Ixchel)
  • The Summit Golf Club, gift certificate for 2 - 18hole rounds, $70.
  • Dog Days gift certificate $50 value (collected by Ixchel)
  • Above auction items have been updated to the Gala database as of 11/30/17. Please add new items below this line
  • Original Artwork: Framed Single Rower Pencil and Pastel Wash Drawing by Paul Olson, (Minimum Value $50)
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