Membership and Communications Committee
Membership and Communication Committee Description
The membership and communication is responsible for maintaining current and alumni membership listing and developing new membership orientation programs. To keep current and past MBC members informed on club programs and activities and broaden its audiences, the committee prepare and distribute contents through a variety of channels (e.g. website, social network, emails, and formal letters). It also performs administrative functions on behalf of the club (e.g. manage boathouse key distribution, organizes uniform purchases, take and refer inquiries from prospective members, visitors and guests).

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We have a small group of dedicated people that work on getting information out to all club members. The Rowing Shorts, emails, web page, facebook, you name it. It's a team effort. If you want to know how this is done and would like to help and be apart of the MBC Communications, please send Jacque Hamilton an email. Her email address is gro.bulctaobatosennim|tnediserpeciv#gro.bulctaobatosennim|tnediserpeciv.

MBC e-mail Announcements
There is a new procedure for submitting announcements. All members requesting announcements should add their announcements to the wiki at: and then e-mail All announcements should be written in a manner as to be published directly without the need for any editing.

Announcements will be gathered from the wiki and e-mailed to the club on a weekly basis. Announcements will be removed from the wiki when they are no long pertinent.

Announcements Week of 30-April to 7-May

Rowing On the Water
The ramps have been pulled as we await the crest of the river. Currently, predictions are to crest tomorrow. By next Tuesday or Wednesday, we will most likely be below 12 feet and can place the ramp back in. With a national qualifying regatta a mere few weeks away, the Juniors will be rowing out of Lake Gervais until the ramp is back in place. We look forward to watching them compete in Cincinnati, representing both our club and region well. All other programs will continue to run out of the boathouse unless you hear otherwise from your coach.

MBC Patagonia and T-shirt Order Updates
T-shirts have arrived and can be picked up. Arrange time with Betsy. Patagonia jackets were ordered and we should see them arriving in the next two weeks. A reminder that a check for both t-shirts and Patagonia jackets will need to be turned in before the order will be distributed. Please contact the Director by emailing gro.bulctaobatosennim|rotcerid#gro.bulctaobatosennim|rotcerid with any questions.

Bow Clinic: Sunday, May 6th at 7pm
Please attend the bow clinic on May 6th to go over the new bowing written test, ask any questions regarding the new policy and sign up for a written test date. Come down to the boat club at 7:00 pm sharp.

NWIRA Update
The NWIRA Board of Directors met this past weekend in Minneapolis/St. Paul for their Annual Spring Strategic Planning Meeting and a General Membership meeting on Sunday. Full minutes will be made available in upcoming weeks.

Added on Friday, April 6, 2018
Call for Nominations
The MBC Governance Committee is calling for nominations for Officers and Directors to be elected at the Annual Meeting of the Membership, Sunday, April 22nd. Offices up for election include President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Captain. Three Director positions are also up for election. Terms for President, Vice President and Treasurer are for one year. Terms for Secretary and Captain are for 2 years. Terms for Directors are for 3 years.

Members may submit their nominations for the three Board of Director positions and MBC Officers by email to gro.bulctaobatosennim|snoitacinummoc#gro.bulctaobatosennim|snoitacinummoc by Sunday, April 15, 2018.

Nominees for Directors must be active MBC members for a minimum of 3 years and nominees for Officers must be active MBC members for a minimum of 5 years. When submitting nominations, please include the following: (1) nominee’s name and contact information; (2) position to fulfill and (3) in two or three sentences, nominee’s qualifications for the position. We strongly encourage members to inform nominees of their intent to nominate them for a position before submitting nominations. The Governance Committee will review nominations and contact those submitted. The slate of qualified nominees will be presented for election by active dues paying members at the upcoming Annual Meeting on April 22nd.

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