Membership and Communications Committee
Membership and Communication Committee Description
The membership and communication is responsible for maintaining current and alumni membership listing and developing new membership orientation programs. To keep current and past MBC members informed on club programs and activities and broaden its audiences, the committee prepare and distribute contents through a variety of channels (e.g. website, social network, emails, and formal letters). It also performs administrative functions on behalf of the club (e.g. manage boathouse key distribution, organizes uniform purchases, take and refer inquiries from prospective members, visitors and guests).

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We have a small group of dedicated people that work on getting information out to all club members. The Rowing Shorts, emails, web page, facebook, you name it. It's a team effort. If you want to know how this is done and would like to help and be apart of the MBC Communications, please send Jacque Hamilton an email. Her email address is gro.bulctaobatosennim|tnediserpeciv#gro.bulctaobatosennim|tnediserpeciv.

MBC e-mail Announcements
There is a new procedure for submitting announcements. All members requesting announcements should add their announcements to the wiki at: and then e-mail All announcements should be written in a manner as to be published directly without the need for any editing.

Announcements will be gathered from the wiki and e-mailed to the club on a weekly basis. Announcements will be removed from the wiki when they are no long pertinent.

Announcements Week of 4-Feb to 10-Feb

Team App-Minnesota Boat Club
Combining all preferred styles of communication in one platform. Finally we have a "MBC app" for your smart phone which can also be accessed as a webpage for those that prefer not to use mobile applications or do not have access. This is a secure, login-required site for current members only. The email subscription list will still be utilized to announce pertinent dates to our alumni and community, however operational and frequent communication will switch to this platform. Emails will still be sent out through the application however it will be required to be a member of the Team App page to receive these. Please include all information on the sign up form as this will be where Membership is purchased as well.

Program, Coaching, Safety Committee
The committee will meet at 7 pm at the Boat Club tonight to discuss a safety agenda.

Wiki Usage
Most communication will be transferred away from the wiki in the next couple weeks and transitioned to Team App. Please sign up before this transition occurs. Some teams may choose to utilize the wiki after the season begins. After April 1st, team app membership/usage will be exclusive to those members who are paid for the 2018 season.

Ergatta Reminders
Rochester Power Pull is February 24th- there is a team of women attending looking for a fourth for their relay. Please contact the director if interested. Twin Cities Youth Ergatta is March 3rd. Registration for both is on RegattaCentral.

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