Nwira 2017 Organizing Committee

Below are the major components/tasks in running the NWIRA Regatta. More specific information will be provided later.

Regatta Competitor’s Hospitality
A. Safety – First Aid (I have already told Jed Gorlin of MRC I'm down for working the tent-Veronika)
B. Weather radio & contact at Weather Bureau
C. Hotel suggestions and block rooms
D. Camping Information
E. Portable toilets (care and restock plan)
F. Trailer parking map and instructions (signage, personal for parking)
G. Club invites (to non-NWIRA clubs)

Social/Public Relations
A. Banquet – plan- place – food
B. Photographer for Awards
C. PA for Awards
D. Media
E. Opening ceremony
F. Regatta Décor – flags & festive items
G. Spectator/athlete course map
H. Program/Ad Sales/Editor/Printing

Awards (NWIRA responsible)
J. Trophies display/set up (NWIRA), Security

A. T-shirt design, order, etc.
B. T- shirt Sales- organization
C. Concession (Foods/Health Codes/Setup)
D. Merchandise/hat or shirt for full day volunteers, officals (Free)

A. Housing
B. Dinner Friday & Saturday
C. Breakfast & Lunch (on site)
D. Communication (Radio Rentals, Start PA, Ham Radio Club)
E. Official’s Cells

Motor Boats
A. Arrange boats for Regatta use.
B. Arrange Gas & Oil on site and back up
C. Arrange Maintenance
D. Launch Drivers (Work with Volunteer coordinator)

Equipment Rental (for all stations – Concession, Clerk, Officials, Results)
A. Tents (set up and take down)
B. Generators & gas for generators
C. Tables
D. Chairs
E. Rent - Closed truck for transport and security
F. Return of all rental equipment

Volunteer Coordinator
A Stake boat holders
B. Finish Line
C. AM set up on site each morning – pull out generators from secure truck storage etc.
D. Clean up crew
1. At site (daily & secure equipment in truck)
E. Attending Club volunteers (Check in/Assignments/Communications)

Security & Permits
A. Boat and site area
B. Required Permits
C. Lake Home Hospitality

Course Set
A. Water Installation – Re survey course
Advance Prep of cables & buoys
Set Buoys
Course markers
Stake Boats
Remove buoys & stake boats return and put away. (Monday)
B. Land Installation
Start and Finish Line
Start and Finish Platform – 2 pontoon boats and need platforms for both
Tent, Table, Chairs, Generator (work with Equipment rental committee)
C. Docks
Transport, assemble and return docks to/from UofM
Determine whether beach launching is possible
D. Rent truck to transport equipment

Timing Systems and Results
A. Computer, personal, copy machine (NWIRA)
B. Trailer/display place for results

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