Programs, Coaching and Safety Committee
Programs, Coaching and Safety (Director: Betsy Bagley)
The Programs, Coaching and Safety committee is responsible for developing and supporting MBC rowing programs and coaching staff. This includes providing appropriate programs for rowers of all range of skill levels and competitive interests and ensuring coaches have appropriate skills and resources to safely teach and coach MBC rowers. The committee is to work with Program Director to define and implement policies on boat use, team selection, talent identification, safety, regatta participation and training programs. Assist the director in recruiting, evaluating, and retaining paid and volunteer coaching staff for all rowing programs (e.g. MBC School of Rowing, Novice, Club, and Competitive). Conduct scrimmages with other rowing organizations (e.g. Pike Island Challenge).

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Team Descriptions

Novice: Took Learn to Row in 2017 or 2016 plus people who are working on balance and sculling in a team boat.

Masters: Skilled in sculling and sweep rowing. Fitness level is a range from being able to scull in a team boat at a rating of 24 strokes per minute or higher for 10 minutes or above.

Open: Competitive erg scores, training 6x per week year round, full racing schedule

Independent: Own your own single, has been a member at MBC for more than 5 years, has passed the bow test for using club equipment and paid equipment fee.

Bow Certification Process
Please check back in December of 2017 for updated Bow List Test Dates, Information, and Policy.

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