Small Boat

2018 Small Boat Mentoring Program

In order to facilitate rowing between teams and encourage mentoring of new members, this page will serve as a place for experienced rowers to sign up when they are able to row with newer rowers. The idea is to offer times outside of practice that are convenient for members.

These sessions must adhere to the rules of independents, with equipment preference including oars going to a scheduled program. All rowers must adhere to the bow list policy unless given express permission of the Director.

Experienced rowers, please sign up and list the best method of contact to schedule a time.

Novice rowers, once an experienced rower has signed up, please place your first and last name under theirs. When rowing, there should be a one to one ratio of experience to novice.

Sign up Below:

Sarah Risser masters/competitive 612-963-8604 or moc.liamg|ressir.haraS#moc.liamg|ressir.haraS
Ann Long

Veronika masters moc.liamg|636nrev#moc.liamg|636nrev
Victoria Pindred

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