White Team

The White team is intended for those individuals that want to row on their own. There is a requirement of being bow certified or single certified by the Captains. If you have not been cleared, then you cannot take out a club single or bow a boat for oyo rowing. Those not cleared may still row oyo in non-bow seats.

Boats that the Captains have cleared rowers to use may be taken out for oyo rowing when official practices do not occur, for example, Sundays.

Please note that the top racing boats should not be taken out:
Raven double
New quad

Boats below may be reserved on a weekly basis. If the entire White boat lineup is not present 10 minutes after the start time, the boat may be used by the team rowing at that time (competitive or Cherry). Please add names after the boat to reserve - list the entire line-up. The Wiki will be reset every Sunday.

*Please note that no boats will be available on Saturdays at 9 am due to max capacity with Juniors and Cherry rowing at this time slot. If it is determined that boats are available, this time slot will be added.

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